About us


Born in Peterborough Ontario, Canada, and grew up in Toronto, Rob played all the sports that Canadian kids play. Rob can fix almost anything that is broken in your house. Rob is interested in militaria history, wine and has a great passion for cycling both on road & on dirt. Rob can take you on a 10km leisure tour through the vines around Malaucene or on a more challenging ride ascending the Mont Ventoux 3 times from the 3 famous different climbs. The later ride is called « Les fous du Ventoux » (the crazies of the Ventoux). He will take you on his favorite routes, like a local he knows the region by heart and will gladly share his knowledge of this amazing corner of the world. When riding with Rob you will be riding with the 2010 Canadian Provincial & National cyclocross champion, the 2011-2014 Paris to Ancaster 1st place in his age group. Rob was motivated to put some titles under his belt before he would leave Canada to settle in France. His titles in 2014 are National Road race 50+ 3rd place, National first Time Trial race 50+ 3rd place, National MTB Race 50+ 1st place, and last but not least Cyclocross Provincial 50+ 1st place.




*Born in the Centre of France & lived in Toronto, Canada for almost 40 years, Maryka has returned to her roots with an array of hospitality,food and beverage experience, which she will gladly share with anyone that crosses her path. -Rooted in the Malaucene community and the surroundings she will make your stay at Maison Sule a fun experience. -With Maryka you will discover regional cuisine especially her love of cheese, honeys, olive oils & bubblies may they be champagnes, or equally wonderful regional cremants. -She will be happy to take you along to all the markets, meeting new people while sipping coffee on terraces enjoying the social aspect of market life, (that being her favorite pastime). -Maryka will never tire to add languages to her portfolio, English and French of course being her main languages, she also dabbles in Italian, Spanish, and Macedonian. -The arts & antiques are a big part of Maison Sule, through Maryka’s love of the arts and beautiful things you will be treated to various projects from local artists much cherished by both the Sules.